Tom lauds Barack for amassing a fortune so he can speak authoratively about income inequality

Tom breathlessly awaits the next speech by Barack O’TomA on income inequality.

Tom is so proud that Barack has risen from a middle class existence in Hawaii to join the 1% ers with a net worth conservatively estimated at north of $10 Million in 2014 and a steady government job that pays $400,000 per year.  In addition, he is intimately knowledgeable of the perks of 24/7 gold-plated security, Limo (Beast) private jet (Air Force 1), private helicopter (Marine 1), private schools for his children, world-class chef and food service, world-class doctors and hospitals, free rent, housekeeping, lavish vacations, round after round of golf, round after round of pick-up basketball and world-class entertainment.

For the less fortunate, he is proposing a thin gruel of a few extra weeks of Unemployment Insurance, lax disability rules, a few extra bucks of food stamps and a minimum wage increase that will primarily benefit middle class suburban kids working at McDonalds.  And since he has poisoned the well with the opposition, it is unlikely that he will even get this thin gruel.

Meantime the wealthy get richer with a turbo charged stock market fueled by easy money paid for by savers who get no return on their savings accounts.

Barack asked aides if he can do a drive by through South Central LA on the way to he next fund-raiser at Steven Spielberg’s  crib.

Is tom jealous?


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