Hillary Rodman Clinton Accomplishment Review

As we near the mid-point of the 4th term of the Presidency of Hillary Rodman Clinton, it is time to take a careful and appreciative look at her accomplishment and why she is such a compelling figure

Clinton was an octogenarian at age 81 when she was unanimously elected for a 4th term in 2028.

In the early years, Clinton was a somewhat ethically challenged attorney for the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas.  As First Lady, she was noted for her failed health care plan and defending her husband from Bimbo eruptions. She had a rather lackluster career as an US Senator from New York,  Yet despite a famed listening tour, she authored no legislation of note.  She lost to Barack Obama in the Democratic primary  in 2008.  Even despite 4 unanimously victories for President in 2016, 2020, 2024 and 2028, we are trying to see where she has made a difference except for delaying the inevitable election of Chelsea Clinton as the second female President.

But wait.  We have found her accomplishment.  It was here frequent flyer award as Secretary of State in the Obama Administration  In 4 years she traveled 401 days visiting 112 countries and logging a mind-blowing carbon footprint of 956,733 flight miles. But to quote her Benghazi testimony, “What difference did it make?”

Tim whispered to his aides, “We need to jump on this bandwagon, big time”.  “Tom, that is Dennis Rodman, not Hillary Rodman Clinton.”  “I am sorry, give her a 5th term.  She earned it”. “I’ll add all her NBA Rebound Crowns to her accomplishment.”


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