Tom rumored to be writing a Romance Novel

Writing under the super secret nom de plume of TomVille Tom, the unknown author is on the verge of publishing.  The literary world is anxiously awaiting his long anticipated Romance Novel, “Too Hot for TomVille.

In the novel our handsome lover who we will call Joe from hard scrabble Scranton, PA, meets our fiery female lead whose identity is hidden by her mask.  The plot reaches a crescendo when Joe rips off her pant suit bodice to reveal her corset encased body with her huge milky breasts heaving at Joe’s touch.  Then Joe sees her UAW and Reset Button tattoos and can’t control himself as he snatches her mask and our next and final President (Clinton Monarchy established in 2021), Hillary Rodman Clinton, is revealed.

Appearing masked for a book signing at the TomVille Barnes and Noble, the author is overcome by desire and can’t continue.


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  1. Diana says:

    Sounds as ‘good’ as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. :p

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