With Crowd (de)Funding who needs BitCo(i)n

Tom’s eyes have been opened to the endless possibilities of CrowdFunding.  With CrowdFunding, you can place the most useless idea on a website and the money rolls in to fund it.  It was “Veronica Mars, the movie”, funded by fans using KickStarter that enabled the production of the movie.

Tom has immediately ramped up the CrowdFunding for 1st Daughter TommySue’s new movie, “TommySue, I am not a tramp.”  This is a rare opportunity for Executive Producer Tom to bring to the big screen the acrobatic acting talents that TommySue honed in the porn industry.

Tom enthused that CrowdFunding is even better than the Bitcon which nobody including the inventor understands.  Everybody understands CrowdFunding.  It is greed.


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