Foreign Policy March Madness — Countries Seeded

On the eve of the Foreign Policy Tournament known as March Madness, Tom was shocked to see the committee’s seeding of the power conference invitees.

The following is a summary of the tournament seeding: 1 Russia, 2 China, 3 Israel, 4. France, 5 Iran, 6 Syria, 7 North Korea, 8 Pakistan, 9 Iraq, 10 Afghanistan, 11 Egypt, 12 Ukraine, 13 South Korea, 14 Japan, 15 Crimea, 16 USA.

In tonight’s matchup, USA faces Russia.  Never in the history of the tournament has a #16 seed beaten a #1 seed.  But USA Coach Barack O’TomA hints “Wait until you see our sanctions”.  Russian Coach Vladimir Putin was overheard to say, “Who is O’TomA?”


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