Virulent protests derail Tom’s plans for commencement addresses

Just as protests have caused human-rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Bush-era hottie Condi Rice and IMF money honey Christine Lagarde (is there a war on women?) to change their commencement address plans, Tom’s ambitious commencement address plans have hit a roadblock.  Tom had lined up a string of lucrative commencement addresses at pre-schools, adult schools, technical schools and 3rd tier state colleges and private  law schools.

Leaks from speech drafts indicated that Tom was planning a fiery attack on income inequality with a proposal to seize excess money from Bill Gates and give it to Warren Buffett and billionaire Keystone XL activist Tom Steyer.

With that accomplished, Tom had planned a spirited advocacy for the $110.10/hour minimum wage.

“What is in the 1st Amendment anyways?”, wondered Tom.

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