Tom revealed as a Dark Horse to Co-Host “The View”

Access TomVille and TomVille Tonight were all a Twitter as it was revealed that Tom is a leading candidate to Co-Host “The view” replacing a “retiring” Barbara Walters.

In preparations for a series of interviews with Network executives, Tom has been practicing his lines.  In mock interviews, Tom was heard to say, “I love Hillary Clinton.  I love Bill Clinton.  I love Chelsea Clinton.  I love Barack Obama.  Monica Lewinsky is a tramp.  I love Michele Obama’s fashion sense.  All major government policies need to be approved by Sasha and Malia Obama.  Craig Robinson shouldn’t have been fired as basketball coach at Oregon State.  I love Tom Steyer.  I hate the Koch brothers.”

Racing through “Tom’s head was walking briskly on the “The View” set waving and bellowing, “Surprise:.



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