TomVille State University announces new Tom Studies program

TomVille State University (TSU) proudly announced their new Tom Studies (TS) program in their world famous School of Hard Knocks.  At the Press Conference, Tom said that he chose TSU over TomVille University (TU) based on need in their highly successful football program.

Tom laid out some of the rigorous courses in this demanding program

  • Wannabe Porn Stars, Hos and B Actresses.     TS Art Appreciation 101
  • Baby Mommas, Baby Mommas and more Baby Mommas.     TS Biology 101
  • Trash Talking.     TS Communications 101
  • Bar fights and choosing a lawyer.     TS Law 101
  • Grabbing Student Loans.   TS Finance 101
  • Reparations for Tom .     TS Finance 201

Temporary TS Campus location


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