Tom channels Rodney King and asks “Can’t we all get along?”

Despite the highly effective  efforts of the Re-set Specialist and the old Wind Surfer/VietNam Protester, we have a few conflicts going on in the world.  Some of the most bitter conflicts include the following:  Israel v. Hamas, MSNBC v. Sarah Palin, David Letterman v. Sarah Palin, Boko  Harum v. Nigeria, Obama v. George W. Bush, Islamic State v. Syria, Syria v. Syria, MSNBC v. Koch Brothers, Islamic State v. Iraq,  Crips v. Bloods, Somali v. Somali, Clintons v. Obamas, Afghanistan v. Taliban, Solange v. Jay-Z, Pakistan v. Taliban, Sudan v. South Sudan, Obama v. House of representatives, Central African Republic v. Central African Republic, Obama v. Supreme Court, Ukraine v. Russian Separatists and TomVille Loyalists v. TomVille Separatists.

With the “Can’t we all get along?” plea, Tom nominated himself for the Nobel Peace Prize.





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