Barack: “I heard the American people loud and clear”

In his Press Conference after the mid-term election, Barack O’TomA assured the nation that he heard the American people loud and clear and will fight for those policies where the people overwhelming agree with him.

Barack listed a partial laundry list of where his policies are in sync with the people.  These include the following: end fossil fuels and dot the landscape with windmills, keep subsidizing the rich and Elon Musk  to purchase $80,000 Tesla toy cars, battery cars that run out of juice and don’t contribute to roads via the gas tax, drain the middle class’ income with policies of zero interest on savings, increase minimum wage for teens so there is less money left in the salary pool for the more skilled middle class worker, increase regulations of every human activity, sue as many business as possible, increase hiring of Federal workers and middle managers, advocate overthrow of country leaders without a plan for replacement, re-set relations with Russia, make Iran nuke ready and blast Republicans and that fool Tom at every turn possible.

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