Hemlines: The most reliable economic indicator

Many may wonder why Barack O’TomA’s policies took such a drubbing in the midterm election wave when economic number were trending a bit higher.

Tom knows that the good citizens of TomVille will only believe it when they see it.  For over 100 years the length of skirt hemlines is the most reliable predictor of good and bad times.  In the roaring 20’s it was sky-high skirts and in the Depression it was much longer hemlines.  This has been a reliable predictor since.

With this in mind, Tom has urged TomVille’s fashion forward designers to take the hemline challenge and design the most daring micro mini dresses and skirts.  TomVille’s leading designers Oscar de la Tom, Calvin Tom, ArTomI, and RalphLauTom have accepted the challenge to see how high they can go.

Ladies, the economic recovery depends on you,  How high can you go?


          Image result for tight short dress busty  Image result for tight short dress busty



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