Japan PM Abe reveals 4th Arrow at TomVille Affair

In an attempt to boost Japan out of two decades of economic doldrums, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe roared into office with a plan that he termed 3 Arrows.  The Arrows are Fiscal Stimulus, Monetary Easing and Structural Reform.

With the first 3 Arrows only moderately successful, Abe used the occasion of a TomVille State dinner to unveil his 4th Arrow.  The 4th Arrow are Japan’s underutilized resource the Pin Up Bikini Idol Girl.  Unleashing these beauties of magnificent design and gravity defying proportions will immediately produce a highly positive balance of payment account in Japan’s favor.

As Abe introduced Ourei Harada, Harumi Nemoto, Hitomi Tanaka, and Nonami Takizawa to the excited crowd, Tom immediately embraced the 4th Arrow representatives.

       Image result for Nonami Takizawa 10

Not one broken arrow.




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