TSU releases results of male attraction research

TomVille State University (TSU) just released the results of an exhaustive research survey on what attracts men to women.    The research was funded by a $1 Billion grant from the US  DHS and a generous grant of $1.51 from the Peter Paul Rubens Foundation.

Researchers said that the results clearly showed that men are attracted to a fully curvaceous female figure known as Rubenesque.

TSU chancellor Tom said that the results are preliminary and further study is needed.

                Image result for rubenesque tits            Image result for curvy big boobs  Image result for veronica vaughn bbw tits  Image result for matures with big natural boobs  Image result for big tits sheer top  Image result for ashley sage ellison big naturals  Image result for chloevevrier.com  Image result for bbw big tits see through nipples  Image result for chubby big tits cleavage round ass  Image result for terry nova big tits  Image result for hot girl belly muffin top

Based on the preliminary research, Chancellor Tom announced TSU expects more detailed findings and an exciting announcement that TSU will offer the following new majors in the Rubenesque Female Form School in the TSU Beauty College.  The majors detailed below are Large Mammaries, Round Bottoms, Broad Hips and Thick Legs and Thighs.

Big Mammaries study materials include the following to answer questions that the attraction may be due to visions of enhanced fertility and nipples that require suckling:

          Image result for big and curvy amateurs


      Image result for chubby feeling tits bikini sensationalvideo  Image result for emily born cosmid  Image result for see through big tits  Image result for chloe vevrier big tits wet   Image result for huge natural tits see through top  Image result for dixie devereaux big tits  Image result for xl big tits  Image result for terry nova big tits  Image result for chloe Vevrier wet tits

The round bottom major is offered in response to a significant minority of men who are fixated on the perfect ass.  A sampling of study materials are shown below.

                 Image result for big tits big hips  Image result for bbw with thick thighs big tits  Image result for curvy thick tits and thighs  Image result for big tits big hips fishnet

The Broad Hips major is of interest to men who enjoy the enhanced love-making that broad hips provide and signal fertility and birthing babies,

          Image result for big tits big hips    Image result for curvy girls big boobs wide hips  Image result for milfs wide hips    Image result for big tits big hips  Image result for big and curvy amateurs

Finally the Thick Legs and Thighs major is really classical studies as the Peter Paul Rubens paintings that became known as Rubenesque always featured woman with these attributes.

        Image result for milfs thick thighs      Image result for thick thighs  Image result for bbw thick thighs short dress               Image result for chunky with big natural tits  Image result for chubby girl nerd with big tits  Image result for bbw cleavage


Chancellor Tom wrapped up his presentation with a reminder that these majors may be most appropriate for rich kids and football players.

Meanwhile, First Son TomsSon has been wrestling with deciding on a major in the Rubenesque Studies Department.  Finally he gave in and declared to his proud parents that he was taking a quadruple major.

On other good news First Daughter TommySue announced that she would be working as an Art Class Nude Model at TSU and has been engaged to model for all four majors.

To nobody’s surprise Mrs. Tom will be a Visiting Lecturer and will cover subject matter for Big Naturals Mature.  All observers agree that she is superbly qualified to teach this subject.     She has also been engaged to do in-depth tutoring.  Football Coach Tom anticipates a great need for tutoring of Football players as due to age differences they are reluctant to engage matures on their own.  Another factor driving the surge in tutoring is the current supply/demand for Cougars in TomVille.  An insufficient number of Cougars have self identified to meet a burgeoning demand for their services.  This severe Cougar shortage is especially dire for Cougars with big boobs and lots of money.

All in all we are expecting a surge in income in the Tom clan leading to a burgeoning middle class and reduced income inequality.


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