Tom celebrates Orwellian Speak reaching a crescendo with “Net Neutrality”

George Orwell blessed us with Newspeak and Doublespeak in his book “1984”.  Governments have come to run with the concept and the electorate follow like sheep.  We thought we had reached the logical conclusion with The Affordable Care Act which was neither care nor affordable.

But this is small potatoes to the brilliant Newspeak known at “Net Neutrality”  The last thing this turkey of a concept has is neutrality.  What it is is for Internet hogs like Netflix and YouTube to hog the Internet pipes with their streaming for profit.  As the pipes clog, Internet Service Providers like the phone companies and cable companies will have to expand the network and charge all users of the internet to pony up the costs to the benefit of the Netflix and YouTube crowds.  Who doesn’t like somebody else to pick up the tab?

A further joke is Barack O’TomA’s call for the Internet to be regulated by government like land line telephones.  If you have a land like check all the government junk charges on your bill.  You can expect the same to happen to your Internet bill.


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