Golden Globe reporting crushes Tom’s laments about the demise of great journalism

Last night at the Golden Globes Red Carpet, Hollywood reporters blew a huge hole in t\Tom’s lame theories that great journalism is dead.

Tom had to admit that he heard some of the most in-depth, hard-hitting  follow-up question that he ever had heard.  This included: “How do you look so amazing?; What taping routine do you use to keep your boobs from falling out of this amazing dress?: and What is it like in the sack with George Clooney?”

Most of the celebrities said that they were wearing designs by fashion icons Col. Moammar Gadhafi, Kim Tom Eun and Hillary Rodman Clinton.

Image result for col. gaddafi  Image result for kim jong eun  Image result for hillary clinton pantsuit

More detail on Kate Hudson please said TomVille Tonight Executive Editor Tom.

Image result for Kate Hudson low cut nipples

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