Tom declares 8th Wonder of the Modern World

Tom has asked the existing 7 Wonders of the Modern World to step aside for the clear eighth wonder.  While the 7 wonders are beautiful and well constructed, they are overmatched by the 8th wonder.  Let’s review the 7 wonders as follows:  Channel Tunnel, CN Tower, Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge, Itaipa Dam, Netherlands Sea Wall, and the Panama Canal.

However the 8th Wonder is lovingly constructed by the hand of God and the hand of man.  The 8th wonder of the Modern World is one of the best exports from communist East Germany.  Without doubt, Tom declares Chloe Vevrier as the 8th Wonder of the Modern world.


In the interest of scientific inquiry, Tom says that construction plans for this Wonder of the World are 5′ 3′, 121 ibs. , 47(K)-30-37



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