Hillary Rodman Clinton announces her candidacy for………………..

In a surprise announcement, Hillary Rodman Clinton announced that she is indeed a candidate for Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  She relayed that she has always been keenly interested in efficient record keeping as evidenced by Rose Firm Billing records, Whitewater records, Cattle Future records, HillaryCare records and Travelgate records to name just a few.

Consequently despite being dead broke when leaving the White House, she installed a “server farm” at her house in New York state.  This is a testimony to her priorities and her deep interest in technology.

Further, she said that she is the only person qualified based on the record to determine the difference from illegal Bush area email systems and her private email accounts she exclusively used as Secretary of State.

We need to break the glass ceiling an elect Ms. Rodman Clinton CTO by acclimation.

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