With Kylie Jenner getting all the attention, Kim Kardashian digs deep into her marketing bag of tricks

With 17-year-old Kylie Jenner hogging the publicity and challenging the concept of age of consent, Kim Kardashian has had to resort to hard-core marketing principles to balance the scales.

Kim has drawn on the #1 lesson from marketing 101 which is SEX SELLS.  Consequently we just heard that Kim and Kanye have sex 500 times a day (TMI).  But a newly blonde Kim has rediscovered the mesh dress to put herself back on top.

First Daughter TommySue on assignment to TMZ (TomVille Mile Zone), has been tasked with asking Kim the hard questions including “Kim, you look amazing.  How do you keep your girls so firm?”  “Do you tink that your new look will have men keeping an eye on you coming and going?”

Image result for kim kardashian mesh dress  Image result for kylie jenner

Time for another sex tape?

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