Clinton Loyalist Techno Tom appointed Marketing Director at Clinton Cloud Services

Lost in Hillary Rodman Clinton’s 21 minute Presser/Email tutorial yesterday was the announcement that long time Clinton Loyalist Techno Tom is the new Marketing Director at Clinton Cloud Services.  He has also assumed all marketing at the Clinton Global Initiatives Foundation and the upcoming Clinton Presidential Inauguration.

Some may remember Techno Tom as the inspiration for the line from the movie “Sex Tapes” where the lead actor wailed “Nobody understands the Cloud.”.  Consequently, Techno Tom’s first recommendation is to send all records for the State Department, Benghazi, Travel Gate, Whitewater, cattle futures, Rose Law billing records, Vince Foster, bimbos and HillaryCare to the Cloud.

Next Tom is recommending a full boy makeover and a facelift performed by Priscilla Presley’s Plastic Surgeon.

Tom says. “With her new 38JJ body, the Hillary Rodman Clinton marketing possibilities are endless.”

“At Clinton Cloud Services, you mess it up, but we bury it.”

Was the advise that you need 29 smart phones for 28 email addresses genius or what?”

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