Putin Wing Man Tom asks: “Where is Vlad?”

Pundits are having a lot of fun speculating on the whereabouts of Vladimir  Putin who allegedly hasn’t been seen since March 5, 2015.  Tom is getting worried as it has been over two weeks since he and Vlad have cruised the Kremlin streets bare-chested looking for hot chicks.  Tom is getting withdrawals.

Others miss Vlad even more.  President Barack O’TomA says that he misses getting outflanked by Vlad in Ukraine and Syria.  All But elected President Hillary Rodman Clinton says she misses pushing the big Re-Set button with Vlad.  Further Rodman Clinton says that she treasured all the emails from Vlad about er…Cheklsea’s wedding that she had to delete from her server.

So let’s get Vlad back in the saddle.  We miss him.

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  1. What a great postcard!

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