Breaking News: Tom challenges Hillary Rodman Clinton on way to Presidential Coronation

Deftly using social media, Tom has laid out his challenge to all but elected President Hillary Rodman Clinton.  Tom said that if you think she has baggage (Cattle futures, Rose Law Firm records, Whitewater, Bill’s Bimbos, HillaryCare, TravelGate, Arab Spring, Russia Re-set, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iran, paying female staffers less than men, taking money from countries with no rights for women, emails, private server etc.) he will match her on baggage and raise  it 10 times.

In a brilliant strategic move, Tom announced that he has contracted for the Selena Hologram to be his VP running mate pandering to the female and Hispanic demographics.  And to secure the working class vote, Tom will re-program the Selena Hologram to utter salty language reminiscent of Joe Biden.

Tom roared we are breaking the glass ceiling for ugly men.

Image result for ugliest man


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