The Tom Family Foundation and Global Initiative: Large Discreet Foreign Donations Welcome

The Tom Family Foundation and Global Initiative just issued a series of important announcements.

First, Tom announced that the Foundation was accepting large discreet Foreign donations.  An especially desirable option for our foreign donors are naming rights.  Say for example you want to name an USA Uranium mine after your company.  In this case, the $50 million plus donation is highly recommended.

Second, while there maybe a small influence deficit since Ms. Tom left the State Department, it will rebound when she is crowned as President.

Third, Tom announced that First Daughter and Hedge Fund Troll TommySue is the new Vie President of the Foundation.  This will provide TommySue with an appropriate forum and cash for her expected successful run for President in 2024.

Caught by a hot mic, Tom chortled, ” Why did I mess with all the small beer scams when this money gusher was available.  Better late than never.”

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