Tom Family Foundation and Global Initiative: “Mistakes were made”

With the controversies surrounding the mountains of cash collected by the Tom Family foundation and Global Initiative, the betting line in Vegas is that we are less than a week away from Tom issuing the famous apology, “Mistakes were made”.

In a staff meeting Tom reviewed some of the mistakes.  All financial records for the Foundation should have been stored on the server in Tom’s residence in TomVille.  Then these records should have been dumped along with Yoga class appointments etc.  There should have been better screening of staff as this smacks of a “vast right-wing conspiracy”.  Tom should have called for even greater transparency as the records were dumped.  We should have featured a Bikini clad surgically enhanced First Daughter TommySue in responses rather than a tired aging Mrs. Tom.

Finally, Tom failed to recognize that all these problems were the fault of George W. Bush.

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  1. Why blame anyone else?

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