Tom tows AAA Homeowners Insurance into Hall of Shame

Tom hates 800 telephone lines and big rate increases with minimal explanation.  So, AAA offers an 800 number for tom to use to find out why his homeowners policy experiences a 46.8% increase.  Despite 3 separate calls two of which promised something that  they didn’t deliver, Tom still doesn’t know how much of the increase was due to additional coverage and how much was a general rate increase due to the company having “more claims”

It was obvious that two of the representatives where making stuff up as they went along.  For example one said that the additional coverage was for the patio furniture and the other for the kitchen cabinets.  I was promised comparison charts and a call back from a supervisor neither of which ever came.

Tom is frustrated when 800 Agents are even more stupid than he is.  Is this even possible?  AAA seems to be trying to go the extra mile to prove it is possible.

Welcome AAA to the Customer Service Hall of Shame

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  1. Yeah, and what happened to ‘the customer is always right’?

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