Treasury hires Tom as Consultant for new Ten Dollar Bill

The US Treasury has decided to ax old Alexander Hamilton from the Ten Dollar bill and replace him with a woman to be named later.

Not wanting to take responsibility for this decision, the Treasury has engaged Tom as a Consultant and make recommendations on who should be featured.

The first three  candidates were no brainer picks,  Highly successful women from dollar coins Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea were natural choices.  So was the youngest female two-time Democratic Nomination Loser Hillary Rodman Clinton (O Boy, I get 50,000 new $10s for every speech !).  But how could one make a choice from such a deserving group?

It was then that Tom had an inspiration with a vision of TomVille’s First Daughter TommySue with deep, deep, deep cleavage enlivening the front of the bill.

Tom conducted informal polls of potential voters coming out of Gentlemen’s Clubs and they unanimously approved of TommySue for the $10.


Image result for new Ten dollar


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4 Responses to Treasury hires Tom as Consultant for new Ten Dollar Bill

  1. Money has never looked better.

  2. Jade says:

    Whose photo is that? Pardon me for my ignorance. I bet everybody else knows except me.

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