Enough Already WordPress with the Rainbow Stripe

I have no horse in the Gay Marriage debate.  People can do and feel as they wish.

However, I resent all the in your face stuff like the WordPress Rainbow Stripe and everybody declaring their sexual preference as people cared.  That is you too Michael Sams.

There are huge pluralities on both sides of the issue.  Many have heartfelt beliefs and don’t deserve to be categorized as somebody emerging from the cave,

The Supreme Court has ruled so can be get back to respecting all opinions and keeping the spiking the ball celebrations to a minimum.

And WordPress the stripe has served its purpose and it is time to retire it in respect to people with other opinions.

I am not interested in every homosexual declaring their sexuality any more than I am interested in every heterosexual declaring their sexuality.  It is not news and not all that interesting.


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One Response to Enough Already WordPress with the Rainbow Stripe

  1. Yes, I recently saw some sort of meme which depicted a cartoon character looking at the glaring rainbows emerging from their computer and then spewing the same rainbow from their mouths as vomit. I’m glad for same sex marriage but am kind of feeling that way myself.

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