Drew Carey hates me too.

I got roped into attending a Price is right taping yesterday.  The ticket price $0.00 was right in my wheelhouse and a strong statement for income equality.

But despite my faked enthusiasm in  all stages of the proceedings including sitting and standing for over 4 hours before the taping started, the evil Drew Carey, the consummate hater, did hot chose me to “Come on Down” and if he did he probably would have tripped me.

You definitely get what you pay for.

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3 Responses to Drew Carey hates me too.

  1. I once auditioned for Wheel of Fortune and they did not pick me despite the fact I solved two puzzles. I think it was due to my obvious annoyance at my husband who failed to solve a puzzle that was missing like two letters. They don’t like that you know. Everyone has to be shiny and happy. They probably smelled your sarcasm from miles away.

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