Income Equality — A Tale of 2 Dudes

Few people in the world understand Income Equality and its evil twin income Inequality like Tom.  Consequently he offers the following tale of 2 Dudes to get you on the right page.

The 1st Dude lets call him Thomas worked hard and got grades in school that were better than predicted.  He got along with peers, teachers, employers and even his parents.  He was respectful to women and was well-groomed and well dressed.

The 2nd Dude lets call me Tommy dropped out of high school, got two girls pregnant, never lasted on a job over 2 months.  He wore his ball caps backwards and wore low slung baggy pants. He hated hard work and others found him disagreeable.  Because his life was so tense, he consumed huge quantities of weed.

What should each of his Dudes receive as a starting wage on their job?  Everybody is saying Tom even a baby knows that both Thomas and Tommy should get $15.01/hour.

But Tom after years of graduate study at TomVille State University (TSU) knows that the correct answer is that Thomas should get $15.00 and Tommy $30.00/hour.  This differential is to insure income equality and pay for Tommy’s massive weed bill.

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  1. It’s a no brainer, really.

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