Pope majored in Climatology at the Seminary

For years The Tom has been trying to get the college transcripts for the World’s Smartest Man (WSM) Barack O’TomA from Occidental College and for the Pope from the Seminary.

After series of incoherent blasts at Capitalism, Tom was starting to doubt if the Pope majored in Economics.  The new-found transcripts show that the Pope majored in Climatology (or was it cosmetology) at the seminary.  His mastery of the subject delivered in a huge carbon footprint trip to Africa warned of impending climate doom.

The Pope’s interest in Economics and Climatology dovetail nicely as he has a desire to take us all back to the wonderful pre-industrial age with little CO2 and life spans that stretched to 35 years.


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  1. Uh, I’m pretty sure it was cosmetology. Come on, with that fashion sense?

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