Hillary Rodman Clinton calls out Santa as a Republican

At a news conference flanked by Burnie Sanders and Stephen Colbert, candidate Rodman-Clinton exposed Santa as a Republican.

She cited the fact that Santa always wears Republican red rather than a progressive Democratic blue.  He pays his elves based on skill and productivity rather than everybody getting a living wage of $15/hour.  He is against an abortion for Mrs. Claus.  He is set against common sense gun control legislation and has never proposed a gun control law.  And even worse, he refuses to convert his sleigh to coal-fired battery power so he can travel 83 miles followed by a 12 hour charge.

Wow, we almost forgot that with that belly, Santa obviously is violating Michelle O’TomA’s “Let’s Move and Bad Food” hectoring.

Can we trust this man?

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  1. Aha, I see what you mean! The threat is greater than I thought. Let’s get on that documentary stat!!

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