Epic Rap Battle — The Tom vs. The Donald

Reminiscent of the epic rap battle between Eminem and Papa Doc, The Tom Takes on The Donald (Trump) for supremacy in the Presidential Primary.

Before the two rap heavyweights entered the rap octagon, Tom was heard warming up calling outTthe Donald’s momma as so ugly she wears combat boots.

In to the main event, The Donald is  rhyming that we have to keep all Muslims out of the country until we know what we are doing,  The Tom brushed off that haymaker and retorted that we need to ban all Catholics so we can keep the Pope from spewing his socialist economics and climate change hokum.

The Donald quickly shifted gears saying that Hillary Rodman Clinton’s face looks like a punching bag from “Creed”.  The Tom said No Way.  Her face looks like a prune because her wig is too tight.

Back and forth with Burnie Sanders just outside of the Octagon  itching to get in a rift on higher taxes and giving us government programs that we don’t want.

In the final rap. The Tom told the Donald that his first act as President will be to sign an Executive Order to allow The Donald to visit Hillary Rodman Clinton in the Federal Penitentiary convicted of mishandling government documents.

It was Epic, the networks can’t wait for Round 2.


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  1. I’d like to see the minutes for that one. Perhaps I should write them myself.

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