Barack uses Sate of Union speech to grade his Presidency at A+++++++++++++++++++

Barack O’Toma used his State of the Union address to grade the first 7 years of his presidency.  In a brutally honest evaluation, Barack gave himself an A++++++++++++++++++,

Right after the speech, Tom emerged from the Spin Room and cornered Barack saying “Whoa, Progressive Bro, you were way, way too hard on yourself.”

While your self depreciating comments about fostering hostilities between the parties coming right on the heels of you calling out anybody who disagreed with you on climate change was sheer brilliance.  And then you completed the triangle offence by blaming it all on The Donald.

But who can deny the real facts?  Before learning the White House floor plan, you earned the Nobel Peace Prize.  And who could possibly deny your effectiveness in Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Ukraine, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and Yemen to name just a few.

And who can forget how you lead the Seal Team that killed Osama Bin Laden.  The pictures of your boots on the ground in the situation Room demonstrate a profile in courage.

Your work at the Predator Drone screens targeting alleged terrorists far exceed the exploits of any Medal of Honor winner.

Some of your Obama Care rulings have been sheer brilliance.  We are especially proud of how you mandated free health insurance contraceptive coverage for women while not covering male contraceptives and having us believe that this was a War on Women.

And your Executive Action on Illegal Immigration was an inspiration to the Million plus Migrants streaming into Europe.

You are under-rated as a fiscal conservative.  But how you delayed meeting the survivors of the San Bernardino terrorist attack so it coincided with the costs of your vacation trip to Hawaii shows how you squeeze every last government nickel.

“Brilliant Bro, just take my word for it and change your grade way up” gushed Tom.


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