Greatest Oscar snub ever

With all the hubbub over the lack of Diversity in this year’s Academy Award nominations, it is easy to overlook what may be the gravest Oscar snub of all time.

Let the record reflect that Lindsay Lohan one of our greatest actors was not nominated in either the Best or Supporting Actress categories.  The Academy has only offered the most lame of excuses that the lovely Ms. Lohan was not in any movies in 2015.

But we all know that this was the year that Lindsay announced with great fanfare that her bra size is 34D.  In this announcement she demonstrated the acting chops that deserved the Oscar.

“Lindsay, you are back” thundered Tom.


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2 Responses to Greatest Oscar snub ever

  1. I think that’s a perfectly reasonable cause for nomination. She brought me to tears.

    • tom says:

      With your endorsement and one more boob job, I don’t thinks she will be overlooked again. The casting couch may have been retired.

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