An unbiased The Tom deconstructs New Hampshire election results

On the Democrat Socialist race, The Tom is reading the Tea Leaves with Bill Maher. After a blow out victory by Burnie Sanders, Hillary Rodman Clinton is retooling her message  of 25 years of experience screwing up and ready to screw up the White House on Day 1.  She has already started to morph into a 73-year-old Socialist.  It makes one yearn for Martin O’Mallett to reenter the race.

On the Republican. order has been restored and The Tom is jumping back on The Donald Bandwagon.  Carly for America has dropped out after being unable to recover from The Donald’s perceptive comments about her face.  Governor “Butterball” Christie dropped out when his blistering attack on Tomo Tomio for being robotic in debate failed to win him any votes.  It turns out that there are,000 robots working in America and Tomo wants to give them a pathway to citizenship.

Ted “Cruisers” Cruz continues to hunt The Donald at his own peril.    Jeb “my name is not” Bush continues to struggle even after rolling out his Momma in the campaign.  Gov. John Kasich is fastening his seat belts and Dr. Ben is now positioned to go from worst to first. .

Finally, the Tom let it slip that he is willing to give speeches at Goldman Sachs if their offer is right.


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  1. I’m on the edge of my seat…

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