In desperate need of PR help, Kayne and the Pope reach out to Tom

Talk about two Bros who stepped in it,  Kanye West and the Pope are Exhibit A.  Kanye took a swing at Taylor Swift in his album and went down swinging as she KOd him one more time at the Grammies.  Then he thought the  SNL dressing room was Open Mike night and he tore himself a new one. There is a rumor that keeping up with the Kardashians is too much stress for Kayne.

Speaking of tearing oneself a new one, the Pope critiqued The Donald’s immigration policy as unchristian or was it The Donald is unchristian.  Now it turns out that the Vatican has the highest and most encompassing walls and most restrictive immigration policy of any nation-state.  Talk about tossing The Donald a Batting Practice Fastball.

These PR disasters are so bad that Tom can only recommend that Kanye and the Pope suspend themselves (after sending Tom a 12 figure check).

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2 Responses to In desperate need of PR help, Kayne and the Pope reach out to Tom

  1. I heard this morning on the radio that Mama K has hired a PR to deal with all of Kanye’s latest asshole moves. Doesn’t she realize they’re all assholes??

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