Presidential Primary Shockers

The Republican South Carolina Primary and Democratic Socialist Nevada Caucuses had a number of shocking surprises.

In Nevada, Mrs. Rodman-Clinton after her narrow victory in the Nevada caucus thanked Burnie Sanders in her acceptance speech for allowing her to steal all of his loony positions.  She said the country thirsts for massive tax increases.  Some may have doubted her on this issue, but she never doubted the people.

But this paled in comparison with the Republicans in South Carolina where immediately after the polls closed, The Tom shocked his mentor The Donald and announced that he has suspended The Donald’s campaign and unsuspended Jeb Bush’s campaign so he has a convenient punching bad.

The Tom immediately challenged The Pope to a rap-off on immigration walls and shooting from the hip.

Secretly, The Pope is strongly considering a late entry into the Democratic Socialist primaries as it fits the aging Marxist’s positions to a tee.

As John Kasich would say, “Fasten Your Seat Belts”.  Why?

Dark Horse Candidate ?


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5 Responses to Presidential Primary Shockers

  1. Thanks for the recap. You always give me the DL!

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