Tim Cook keeps biting into the sour Apple

No doubt Tim Cook is smarter than me.  But if this is so, why does he continue to bite into the sour Apple which is fighting a legitimate Search Warrant.

The FBI wants to get into the iPhone used by the San Bernardino terrorist.  The phone is the property of the dead terrorist’s employer, the County of San Bernardino.

Now if a Judge should issue a warrant to search my home it doesn’t give them the right to search my neighbor’s home.  Likewise with the search of an iPhone, the warrant applies to only that phone not everybody or every phone as Tim Cooks implies.

Bottom line is that Apple is not above the law and if they keep fighting reasonable requests, they will likely get what they don’t want which is Congress passing legislation outlawing Apple’s iPhone technology.

You don’t think a President Obama, Clinton or Sanders wouldn’t sigh that legislation in a heart beat.  It would burnish their populist credentials.

But on the positive side all that money that is flowing to apple could be funneled to  more useful products from other companies.  It seems like life was fine in 2005 without the iPhone.



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  1. Life fine before the iPhone?? How did we ever survive?

  2. If the phone is the property of the employer, shouldn’t they be able to give permission to get into it?

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