Tim Cook doubles down and takes another bite of the sour Apple

So the good old boys of tech are rallying around their old buddy Tim Cook as he takes yet another bite of the sour Apple.  Cook and his surrogates are flooding the airways and blogs touting encryption,  Without reasoning or logic they are stipulating that encryption is good or even great.  They are a bit hazy on why encryption is bad for the bad guys.

For years we have had and managed well legal telephone wiretapping to help round-up the bad guys.

Now we should want encryption.  Why is an Apple iPhone different in this regard from a regular phone except that it is 32 X more expensive?

Would Apple’s position be any different if the terrorist did their deed at Apple headquarters rather than in a county office in San Bernardino, CA?


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  1. On top of it, I just read the other day the phone was owned by his employer, so to me that means even less “privacy”. I’m sorry, if you use a phone to help plan a terrorist act, or any crime, it should be part of the evidence whether it has to be broke into or not. Fuck Apple. They think their shit doesn’t stink.

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