As Generals Rodman-Clinton and Burn-Sanders roll over bankers, Tom pops up from a foxhole to ask…

The Democrat Socialist candidates for President have been brilliant in rolling over on the bankers.  The assaults by Generals Burn-Standers and Rodman-Clinton are more powerful than General Sherman’s march to the sea.  They have been buttressed by news reports that the average Wall Street Banker makes just North of $400K.

From his bunker, Tom, CEO of TomVille National Bank,  pops his head into this toxic cloud to ask a few questions.  If Banker pay was $47K after taxes would somebody subject themselves to a job where the hours often exceed 100/week, the pressure to perform is oppressive, have no job security, have to take risks to survive and live in fear of some government lawsuit.

Just because a job is not one that most people don’t understand or appreciate does not mean that the pay is inappropriate.  Let the Socialist Generals put their boots on the ground in these jobs for a few days and see how easy it is.



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