Panama Tom sees opportunities in Barack’s new Financial Advisor Regs

Panama Tom sees opportunity in knowledge gleaned from  the Mossack Fonseca law firm document leaks (known as the Panama Papers) and the new Barack O’TomA Financial Advisor Regulations.

The Panama Papers have provided Tom with a window of opportunity now that he fully understands bank secrecy and shell corporations in Panama.  and it is all legal.

But tom’s real genius is seeing the Panama Papers knowledge in light of the new Financial Advisor Regulations that mandate that Financial Advisors exercise a Fiduciary duty to their clients.  This will lead to fewer advisors charging greater fees to advise clients to invest in Panama shell companies and shield earnings in Panama banks.  This is a Win-Win for Tom and the client.

Clients are urged to move fast before a President Burnie Sanders or Mrs. Hillary Rodman Clinton seizes all your income.

All this with just a dollop of extra cash for Tom.  Please make your money transfers to Tom’s numbered accounts at the 1st Panama Bank of Tom.




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