The Tom asks Secret Service to beef up security

In an exclusive interview with Gun & Guns Magazine, The Tom outlined his security concerns after far left demonstrators have disrupted his events by hurling rocks and pepper spraying little girls.

As most The Tom Aficionados know the heart of The Tom Organization is headquartered in a two-story high-rise known as The Tom Tower in central TomVille. This property was acquired in a short sale in Detroit and moved to TomVille.  The property is secured with a cinderblock wall with barbwire and topped with concertina wire.  In the compound area four pit bulls (Teddy, Johnny, Burnie and Hillary Rodman) roam.  Finally in the once lush lawn ravished by the draught, The Tim has collected and placed Security Monitoring signs.

To round out security, The Tom is requesting exclusive use of The Beast Limo currently used by Barack O’TomA.



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