Purple Tom emerges as Prince’s long lost son

Thanks to heirfinders, Purple Tom has emerged as Prince’s son as the result of a brief liaison with Purple Tom’s mom.  Purple Tom is poised to inherit all of Prince’s estate valued at north of $400 Million.

Looking at Purple Tom, it looks like this might be the exception to prove the rule that all of Prince’s women were beautiful.

Purple Tom has agreed to litigate his claim on the Maury Povich Show.  Fans of the Maury Povich Show may remember Purple Tom’s multiple appearances on the show with each time resulting in Maury calling out, “Purple Tom, you ARE the father”

At the climatic moment on the Povich Show dedicated to Prince;s paternity of Purple Tom, somebody called out, “Purple Tom, you look more like Fat Albert”.


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5 Responses to Purple Tom emerges as Prince’s long lost son

  1. Oh my! Too funny!

  2. Well you would be a much better heir than what it seems they’re working with. I can’t believe he didn’t have a will. I’m sure his heirs won’t be concerned about the fact he was always championing the cause of continued music in schools either.

    • tom says:

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. In the Internet Age, I am sure somebody will produce a “Will”

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