Tom announces Dispute Resolution seminar

With the highly successful course offerings by the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) and Trump University (TU), Tom announces a highly anticipated Dispute resolution seminar under the auspices of TomVille State University (TSU).  The seminar is an adjunct course of their world-famous Athletic Department.

Tom says that the course will explore the one tried and proven dispute resolution technique.  This technique is of course getting a bunch of people to stand or sit on the Freeway.  A 10 lane freeway is most ideal, but fewer lanes will suffice if that is all that is available.  The course will cover all steps from recruitment to arrest and bail.

Tom says that this is the one thing that will quickly solve any dispute and bring both ides to a Win-win.

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One Response to Tom announces Dispute Resolution seminar

  1. Sounds reasonable to me!

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