L.A Mayor is a certified idiot and nobody notices

Eric Garcetti is Mayor of Los Angeles and a man of minimal intellectual depth.

His latest utterance scripted by Hillary Rodman Clinton’s team is that the International Olympic Committee won’t award the 2024 Summer games to Los Angeles if Donald Trump is elected President.

But even if Trump were elected to two terms he would be a lame duck in 2024.  And why should we let IOC fat cats determine our elections.  They are just negotiating for more playing one city against the next as they always do.  And there are fewer and fewer cities even bidding for the games.

Garccetti, you are a fool and nobody is calling you out.  The local press just regurgitates Garcetti’s babblings without asking any probing follow-up questions.

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4 Responses to L.A Mayor is a certified idiot and nobody notices

  1. Well he is the mayor of L.A. so…

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