Tom can’t comment: Just another WordPress con-spir-a-cy

Tom has noted that approximately one month ago, WordPress stopped posting any of his comments.

Some may ask was this caused by the intervention by Barack O’TomA, Michele O’TomA, Hillary Rodman Clinton or even Al Bore.

Tom is now at the mercy of the WordPress Community for an answer, but are they part of the conspiracy?

Does WordPress have a phone number or email address to solve their system problems?

On closer attention Michele O’TomA’s speech at the DNC was the best speech in the history of the world. There I said it,  Give me back by ability to comment.

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2 Responses to Tom can’t comment: Just another WordPress con-spir-a-cy

  1. I think this was a wonderful idea! You’ll probably expose the conspiracy and break the internet in doing so!

    • tom says:

      I was hoping for the original birth certificate and college transcripts. I see a TV special hosted by Geraldo Rivera.

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