Who invented Social Media?

By now even the littlest school children know that former Vice President Al Bore invented the Internet (in his spare time as he was saving the planet and amassing a huge carbon footprint).

Today the question is appropriately “Who invented Social Media?”  And even dare to ask “Who invented the Smartphone?”  Who could be so diabolical to tweak MySpace to allow somebody to post something and have it forwarded over 3 billion times?  Who knew that social Media could become as biased as mainstream media.

There is only one person with the unique combination of evil and genius who could have invented Social Media. ” It was I”,  Tweeted Tom.

Coming soon to you neighborhood is a string to Tom’s franchised Social Media Rehab Centers.


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3 Responses to Who invented Social Media?

  1. Ah man, I was gonna say it was me!

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