VP Debate: An Over Caffeinated Kaine can’t be allowed near the nuclear code

Watching the Vice President Candidate Debate last night one could not help but notice that Tim Kaine was super rude.  He interrupted Mike Pence 71 times or about 1.6 times per minute of the 45 minutes that Pence was allocated.  Kaine is from Virginia.  What happened to the Southern Gentleman?  This guy is even more irritating than the new Col. Sanders.

Prior to the debate Tom wondered about the alleged explosion of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with mild Asperger’s Syndrome.  Tom is now convinced after seeing the restless Kaine that these are very serious problems.

Evidently Kaine had AD in High School Civics class as he kept saying that because The Donald may not have paid Federal income tax that he was not contributing to teachers.  Teachers are almost exclusively paid from state, local and property taxes not Federal income tax.  The Donald has paid a tone of state local and property taxes.  Also Kaine didn’t answer the question of in essence if Kaine can deduct his property tax from his Federal income tax why can’t The Donald.

People, keep the ADHD Kaine away from the Oval Office.

“I interrupt this message”, barked The Tom


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