Celebrate Similarity not Diversity

People tend to like people like themselves.  So why are we celebrating Diversity rather than universal Similarities of all people.

Emphasizing differences among people are tools of politicians and other divisive individuals.

I guarantee you that if you start two lists, one for people’s differences and one for people’s similarities, the Similarities would win out by a huge margin.

All people have the same physic and physical characteristics.  The saying that we all bleed red is so true.  People have the same aspirations for themselves and their families.  We all have the same fears.  I think you get the gist that people are inherently the same and if that is understood, people will get along better.

Besides the emphasis on Diversity isn’t working all that well so maybe it is time for a little out of the box thinking.


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4 Responses to Celebrate Similarity not Diversity

  1. Waiting for the punchline!

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