Election In Turmoil: Tom uncovers instance of Clinton telling the truth

With just 12 days before the election, The Tom has uncovered evidence that Hillary Rodman Clinton once told the truth.  In an Elementary School class, she allegedly told the teacher and class mates that she was born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Il.  This could throw the election into total turmoil.

Clinton has carefully built her brand telling lies, half-truths, embellishing the truth, skirting the truth, shading the truth and parsing the truth.  Her record in this area is unblemished from cattle future trading, Whitewater, Rose Law firm billing records, Travelgate, defending Wild Bill, HillaryCare, under hostile fire on Bosnia tarmac, Benghazi, Libya policy, Syrian policy, Iraq policy, the use of a private email server and deleting government records.

The Polls, Media and Hollywood celebrities have convinced the American people that they want an experienced liar in the White House.  The people have been denied for over 45 years since Richard Nixon abruptly left the job.

Is it too late for Clinton to disavow telling this truth?  Just pity the poor American people who had their hearts set on having this liar in the White House.


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  1. Oh man, well now I am going to have to carefully reconsider my vote!

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