Save the Date: Barack’s Retirement Party January 23

This is your first notice to save the date for Barack O’TomA’s Retirement Party and to secure advanced tickets.

The Gala will honor Barack and his Cabinet Cronies: Joe Biden, John Kerry, Ash Carter, Loretta Lynch, Sally Jewell, Thomas Vilsack, Penny Pritzker, Thomas Perez, Sylvia Burwell, Julian Castro, Anthony Foxx, Ernest Moniz, John King, Robert McDonald and Shaun Donovan (Did you notice only 4 women.  Evidently Barack didn’t have as many binders of woman as Mitt Tomney did).

Barack is scheduled to reprise some of his most famous speeches and comments including: Tides of Ware are Receding, Arab Spring, if you cross my red line, you can keep your doctor, Executive Action and I learned it just like you did by reading it in the media.

There will be special Guest Appearances by Kamala Harris, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Mrs. Ash Carter..  Bill Clinton will deliver his $75o,000 Speech.  For mood music, we are negotiating with the CheeseBergans, but we may be short of their minimum.

We have reserved the Subway in Bellflower, CA for the event.  There is ample overflow seating at the numerous Homeless Encampments in the area,

For advanced tickets, please make out a check to Tom  for $33,400  with Barack Boondoggle in the memo line.





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2 Responses to Save the Date: Barack’s Retirement Party January 23

  1. I’m a retired coat check girl and no one has ever honored that!

    • tom says:

      I spoke to Huma. She said that your hat check retirement party slipped thu the cracks. We thought you would be reemployed but then your occupation disappeared. It was either exported to china or people refused to remove their baseball caps. Huma will schedule your party as a 1st 100 days event.

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